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Land Clearing

Larson Logging & Tree Service is prepared to handle any residential, commercial or governmental land clearing job.  We can take down any number of trees, chip and haul the branches away, remove the wood, even contour the land. Whether its time to add some pasture space to your farm or break ground on your dream house, let The Tree Pros help you out.
Land Clearing

Chip Delivery

All debris from each job is chipped on-site, and if you would like to keep the chips, we leave them behind free of charge! We also keep a chip list, and deliver unwanted chips to locals in the area when we have them. Moreover, we offer truckloads of chips, delivered to your site for as little as $150 for 25-30 yards of wood chips. If paid in advance, they are usually delivered within one week.

Wood chips are great for gardening, livestock, filling in muddy areas, or using for pathways. They also make a great landscaping product for mulch, composting, and a range of other uses. Small orders are usually free or inexpensive, and include wood from Douglas firs, apple trees, cotton woods, cedars, and other trees.

Contact us to learn more about our convenient and affordable wood chips.