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Other Services

Stump Grinding

Once your tree is removed, you may want to have that unsightly stump removed as well. Our professional Stump Grinding services can handle any size stump, even in tight spaces. We typically grind 10" below ground level and can also grind surface roots.  We are happy to add the cost of the stump removal to your estimate.

If you have old stumps you want removed, we can take care of that as well. Give us a call to discuss pricing and details.

Wood Chipping

Chipping the branches and debris from your tree removal or trimming is a courtesy service on every job. We haul the chips away for free, or you are welcome to keep them on site.

In addition, if you have debris on your property that needs removing, we can bring out our chipper and haul away the mess for you. This may be particularly handy after a big storm or a DIY project.

Contact us for pricing and details.
Land Clearing

Chip Delivery

Wood chips are great for gardening, livestock, filling in muddy areas, or using for pathways. They also make a great landscaping product for mulch, composting, and a range of other uses.

Unless otherwise requested, we will run all branches and debris through our industrial chipper, which is brought to each job site. The chips are blown into the dump truck for us to haul away. Or customers are welcome to keep the chips on site at no charge.

If you would like to request a load of chips to be delivered to your site:

1.  Get your name on the official "Chip List" and the next time we are in your area with some chips, we will give you a call. There is usually no charge for this service.

Our dump truck can hold up to 35 yards of chips. Because each day is different, we cannot guarantee how much or what type of chips we will be hauling each day.

Larson Logging & Tree Service is not responsible for damage done to your site or property due to use of the chips we provide. It is the property owners' responsibility to be aware of the proper uses of wood chips.

Contact us now to get on the delivery list!

Animal Rescue

We understand that your pets are part of the family. So when your cat gets stuck up in a tree, you need a rescue. Give us a call and we will have our first available crew member come out to assist you. Contact us for pricing and details.